Forever looking at cat GIFs in class and trying my best not burst out in laughter.


March 4th, the only day that is also a sentence.


   John Green (via queendany)

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Words hurt. Especially negative words coming from someone who is suppose to be your friend. It’s okay that you disagree with who I choose to be friends with, what I choose to post on the internet, or what I choose to do in my spare time. It’s fine that you’re angry with me for that one time that I flaked and stayed home to watch Harry Potter by myself, or took too long to text you back, or didn’t invite you out when we went to that party. But DON’T talk shit, and especially don’t talk shit to another mutual friend. Because chances are they’re more than likely going to pass it on and feed into the he-said/she-said bullshit.
I’m not saying I’m not guilty of similar actions, but I’m making a conscientious decision not to do so anymore. If you have a problem shoot me a text or a phone call or maybe meet up for a cup of coffee and talk to me like a civil being.